My Apologies

I have been very quiet recently, and I want to apologize. It turns out that only part of my problem was sodium deficiency. The whirly head upon standing and the cramps when I pointed my toes went away, but after a few days of feeling much better, I was exhausted again, yawning all day, and barely able to think. Part of that was that my insomnia, usually pretty well controlled, has been acting up, but even on days when I'd slept well the night before I was tired and blank.

Clearly, sodium was not my whole problem.

Today I took my temperature long about 2:30-3 in the afternoon, when I'd been up and around since 8 am, only to discover my temperature was 97 degrees. When you're hypothyroid, exhaustion and a low body temperature lead to a nearly inescapable conclusion.

So I took an extra 15 mgs of Armour thyroid, and by late afternoon my temperature was back where it should be, and I was no longer yawning. I'm hoping that a few more days of increase thyroid will lead to a renewal of ambition. I have a couple of recipes I should have entered into MasterCook long since, and I should be trying a new recipe almost daily.

For those of you who are thinking "You daft woman, why haven't you been to see your doctor? Surely a test or two would clear this up": While I am among the fortunate who have health insurance, said insurance does not cover tests until we have spent our whole deductible, the deductible is not inconsiderable, and our budget is tight. And I know my doctor well enough to know that her response would be "Okay, let's nudge your dose up a little and see how you do." So I did. I'll let her know, in case she has any further advice.

Anyway, I felt I owed you an explanation.