A New Alternative For Gelatin Fans

Happy 2013, everybody! Now that I've finished the Fat Fast book (soon to be available in Kindle and iPad formats)and the holidays are past, I can get back to work.

As I write this, it's been about an hour since That Nice Boy I Married and I finished a good , intense Slow Burn workout. As advised by my friend and weight lifting guru, Fred Hahn, we eat protein within an hour of our workout. Fred says that during that hour the muscles are primed to slurp up amino acids to repair and grow.

So we just had some grass-fed round steak I threw in the slow cooker earlier today, and now, to round out my amino acid profile, I am drinking my gelatin.

Yes, drinking it. I have a big glass of iced tea in front of me, heavily laced with gelatin. However, this is special gelatin. How? It dissolves in any liquid, hot or cold, and it doesn't gel -- your beverage stays liquid, even on ice.

This very cool product was sent to me by the nice people at Great Lakes Gelatin company. They ran across this blog, and discovering that I was a big fan of gelatin, they wrote and asked if I would like to try their Collagen Hydrolysate -- gelatin that has been broken down further so that it does not gel. Still contains the same amino acids. I thought "Why the heck not?" and happily accepted.

I am pleased to report -- should have reported sooner -- that the stuff is just as advertised. It dissolves beautifully in any liquid, hot or cold, and does not change the texture or flavor at all. You'd never know it was there.

As I have written, I have previously taken unflavored gelatin by putting a spoonful of the powder on my tongue and washing it down with water. However, I have been a big ol' health food freak for 35 years, swallowing any vitamin pill that came in reach. I have extraordinary powers of swallowing. Several people have written to say they find swallowing powdered gelatin difficult, or just plain unpleasant.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate is a great solution. It will let anyone easily consume therapeutic doses of gelatin. I have not finished my free 1-pound canister yet, but will happily pay price for another when it's gone.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate is pricier than simple gelatin purchased in bulk. A five pound box of plain gelatin runs just upward of $40; that's a considerable difference. However, if you want to dissolve it, you must use a hot liquid -- coffee, tea, or soup. Otherwise, you're stuck with my washing-down-the-powder method. The collagen hydrolysate is a whole lot more convenient.

I occasionally get asked if I'm still taking gelatin, and if I still think it's important. Yes and yes. I stopped taking it for a while when I got caught up in writing 500 Paleo Recipes. Then I got a cosmic dope slap and started again. Once again, I felt noticeably, dramatically better overnight.

If you've been wanting to try taking gelatin but have trouble getting it down, this is the product for you.

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Gelatin - Collagen?

I notice there is a substantial price difference between Collagen and Porcine. Do the benefits justify the extra cost, in your opinion?

Collagen Versus Gelatin

I know of no special benefit of the collagen over plain gelatin, whether it's porcine (from pigs) or beef gelatin. (You can also get fish gelatin -- great for kosher cooking -- but it's pretty expensive and hard to find.)

The collagen is just easy, because it mixes into anything, hot or cold.

Followup to Collagen vs Porcine

So that's ONLY the collagen that works that way? Where you can mix it with hot or cold? On the Amazon site, there are different choices and descriptions are lacking.


great article and I just found it. I actually sent you an email too. Great website. My question is. You're writing, that you take a teaspoon and then drink water. But its powder. how can you swallow it, unless you completely dissolve it in water. Thanks.

amount of gelatin

Hi, I just received my order of NOW Beef Gelatin Powder. I mixed 1 TBS per the package, into hot water with a fruit/herb tea bag and a tiny bit of stevia. It is good! I added a bit more hot water half way through and that way, even as it cools, it doesn't thicken because the water ratio is high.

My question is, for the benefits of gelatin, how much per day should we take? The bag says 1 Tbs per cup of water, but that is to make something jell. I'm interested in finding out how much to take for a therapeutic effect, as has been discussed.


Low carb diet coach

I have a patient who knows low carb is good for him but just can't stick to it. He's open to working with a coach (phone or Skype is fine) to help him keep on the wagon. Anyone know of someone who could help out?
On another note, I just love Cook's Illustrated. In their last issue they had an article on how to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg every time, no matter how many you make. The recipe is easy: bring 1/2 inch of water to boil over medium heat in a sauce pan. Place eggs in the pan and cover. Cook for 6 and 1/2 minutes. Remove from pan and run under cold water for 30 seconds.
These are so easy to peel, and have a zillion uses. I like a soft boiled egg over Dana's Old Days Tuna Salad from her 300 15-minute book. I've given up poaching eggs for this fast and foolproof method.
Can't wait for the Fat Fast book to come out, too!

fat fast book - on Kindle

I'm looking forward to your fat fast book. I hope it's on Kindle. I had a Kindle, briefly, that my daughter passed on to me when she got a new version. It didn't survive being stepped on.

Instead of buying a new one, I downloaded a Kindle cloud reader from Amazon. You can also get Kindle for PC. Both are free. I like the cloud reader because it comes up almost instantly. We don't have the fastest connection, and the cloud seems to work the easiest. I've read a few books with it on my laptop. There are a lot of offers for free books, too. I love the way that Kindle keeps my library, keeps track of the page I'm on, and can be enlarged or shrunk.

Gelatin / bone marrow broth

I read the reference to bone marrow soup and wondered if there are any recipe/directions? I made a turkey tonight and saved the bones. I usually boil the bones to make broth, but wondered if there was something else I should do/know...like maybe you boil it for days or something.

My nails are so bad Im considering the fake ones, but I cant bring myself to really do that. So I started the gelatin this week. Im throwing a pkg of sf jello into my protein powder. If it improves my nails its nothing short of a miracle.

Bone broth

Just so you know, it's not bone marrow broth, just bone broth. I save up enough bones to fill my slow cooker, stashing them in the freezer in the meanwhile. When I have a pot full, I put them in the slow cooker, cover them with water, add about a teaspoon of salt and a quarter cup of vinegar (wine or cider), cover the pot, turn it to low, and forget about it for a couple of days. (That's the cooking for a couple of days part.) Then I let it cool, strain it, and either make soup or store it in the freezer for future use.

Along with the gelatin, get some MSM. It's a sulfur supplement, and it does great things for nails and hair; good for joints, too. You should be able to get it at your drug store, KMart, Target, wherever. I take a gram a day, but it's seriously non-toxic, so you can take more if you like.


Thanks for the response. Am alergic to surpher drugs, so don't dare try msm.
I've been on basic low carb for about a year and a half. Lost 40 #. Your cookbooks were the main reason I was successful. Often when I'm reading a recipe I wonder why you use some ingredients and have wished i had you on speeddial to ask questions about a recipe. Even tho you put your blog address in the books, still took this long to visit. Anyway, want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the great advise and recipes. Your cookbooks make this new lifestyle (NOT DIET) possible. How can you complain about what you can't eat when you have food this good. And most are a flash to make. Can come home from work at 7 pm, have dinner on the table in 15 to 30 minutes. Love you dana.

Prescription meds and gelatin

I just recently discovered the joys of gelatine (like, yesterday) and started taking it yesterday afternoon and this morning. I felt great when I woke up this morning and no hunger/cravings so far today. My question: I take prescription meds in the evening before bed and I wonder if there's any reason the gelatin might interfere with absorption of the medicines? I can tell you what the meds are if you'd like.

Brief history: I'm almost 70 and over the last five years have lost 100# by having food allergy testing and by eliminating eggs, dairy, wheat (and 99% of all grains), corn, soy, and of course sugar. I use xylitol and stevia in place of sugar. I never knew I had these sensitivities since I have never had ANY reactions to eating these foods -- except I gained weight. Unbeknownst to me, they were an addiction. Unfortunately, these holidays were extremely hard, and eating one cookie led to another, etc. etc. etc. and I've gained back about ten pounds. And it's so very DARK and COLD right now (zero degrees this morning) and I get depressed and I need to get the weight off and start feeling better right now!

So happy to have discovered your site yesterday and to start the gelatin. Plan to read a whole lot more!

Winnow (which means I sift and sort what I read and keep what works and "throw away" the rest ... :)

Meds and gelatin okay

I wondered whether MAOI (mono-amine oxidase inhibitor) meds might interact with beef gelatin, as some beef products are contra-indicated, but couldn't find any information to say it was a problem. Other than that, there's no reason why gelatin should negatively interact with any other med - and a lot of meds are delivered in a gelatin capsule.


I went to the link that is in your post and found that it wasn't the price of the product that is prohibitive...it's the delivery charge! $14.95 for delivery alone? A bit much. I will look around. In the meantime I have a question. I make chicken stock from the bones and meat from leftover chicken and it always is in a gel state when it's cold. Isn't that collagen? I use it in all my cooking that calls for braising or boiling. I also add it to vegetables I have sauteed on the stove. Do you think that's enough or should there be more supplementation? What are your guidelines?

Gelling Broth

Yes, in fact it's gelatin. And it's part of why bone broth is a super-food. If you eat bone broth several times per week, that may well be enough.

Fat Fast Book

Is the iPad and Kindle the only way to get the book? I'm very interested in it, but don't have either of those.

Love your writings!


I believe it will also be available as a regular PDF file. :-)

beef gelatin

Hi Dana,

My Mom always took gelatin capsules when I was a kid. And she had the strongest nails!

From reading, it sounds like you are talking about a different gelatin than knox or jello. You mention beef gelatin. Can you tell me if it has a beef taste? I used to mix jello in hot water and drink it like a sweet tea, before it cooled. I liked it. Now that I have type 2 diabetes, I don't drink hot jello anymore. I know there is a sugar free kind but I try and carefully choose where I use/add sweetener of any kind. If it does not have a beef taste, I might be able to come up with some way to drink it.

thanks for your suggestions.


Beef Gelatin

No, "beef" just refers to the source. It's flavorless, and certainly could be used to make a gelatin dessert or a molded salad.


I was very happy to see a new article from you on my home page this morning!!! I was also excited to see this new product till I saw the price. :(
I notice while looking at Amazon that NOW sells capsules (Beef Gelatin Hydrolyzed 550mg)and wondered-how much is that equal to vs 1 tablespoon? and if taking it in pill form would work? I've never been able to swallow it. I tried making it into a bowl of jello every day but that gets really tedious after a while and I'm get really sick of jello, even in assorted flavors!
I just read the comment about dissolving it in a hot cup of coffee and I'm trying that as we type :) It seems to have dissolved pretty well so that may turn out to be the helpful hint I need. I'd still like to know about the pill question though, and I haven't done a complete price comparison yet but I am curious.
Can't wait for the Fat Fast book!

Thank you!

This is my second day stirring my gelatin (NOW brand)into my morning coffee. I drink 2 cups every morning so a heaping spoonful stirred in each when it's piping hot has worked wonderfully!!! Soooooo much easier than making (and eating) a bowl of jello every day! I love it when a helpful hint works for me so thank you Dana and scall0way for pointing me to this one!

Interesting, though I always

Interesting, though I always dissolve my gelatin in hot coffee so don't usually have a problem. I wonder what symptoms you developed when you stopped the gelatin. I take it religiously for weeks, and then sometimes forget for week also, but I don't feel any different either way.

Any difference between the porcine and beef kind?

Pros and cons of porcine vs beef?

Pork versus Beef

None of which I am aware. They're pretty purified, so I doubt there's even much of a flavor difference -- ie, there's virtually no flavor.

Really, I'd go by price and any religious dietary restrictions you might have.

Not so much symptoms of stopping

As "symptoms" of starting again: Far more energy, brighter mood, joints more limber, everything feels well-oiled, and I just plain feel younger.


So glad to see a new post on gelatin. Several years ago I read the best article ever on gelatin by Ray Peat - I think you mentioned it on your blog and then I read it - and I've been taking gelatin ever since.

My hair has thickened and my nails grow longer and of course it's a "wonder drug" for any arthritic symptoms. Of course it's fairly cheap and doesn't need a prescription; that's probably why the only thing the general public knows about gelatin is Jello.

I've been using the Hydrolyzed form of gelatin for a while now, in a product called Osteo Bi-Flex NutraJoint Drink Mix with Gelatin. It's true it does dissolve quickly in cold liquids, but I don't even mind just dissolving a tb. of regular gelatin in hot water and then adding a cold beverage. In fact when My Osteo BiFlex is used used up, I'll continue ordering NOW gelatin from amazon because of the price.

Please keep up your blog! Some of us are just not Facebook fans - I closed my account long ago. Nice to see you posting again.